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It hurts so Fuckibg much and I’m scared I re broke it from 5th grade cus that’s the area where it hurts I don’t want to go through that fucking full arm cast again. Fuck. I don’t know what to do. How do you sleep with a broken arm? Is this correct? At what angle should you bend your arm? Can I touch it? Will it be better if I put a brace on? I don’t know?

I’m not a medical professional, but I have a strange amount of experience with getting hurt or being around such people. (I also have First Aid training, but eh to that.)

1. When you get a chance you should see a doctor (or call one, at least). If it starts to swell badly or you get a bad bruise, you definitely need to see one.

2. A brace probably won’t help as putting it on can screw you up more and the support needs to be consistent across the bone you may have broken.

3. You can splint it if you want since that’ll make it uncomfortable at worst. You could also immobilize it by wrapping your arm to your body with an ace bandage, but that’s hard to do by yourself and you’ll have to sleep on your back.

4. Ice can help, but don’t leave ice on while you sleep. That can hurt. Putting it up on a pillow can feel more comfortable, especially if you don’t want to wrap it.

5. Pretty much, try not to use or move it until you can speak to someone who knows more than I do. Maybe take a couple of pain pills. You may have just bruised the bone, which I can say from experience hurts like hell.

**Seriously, aside from my own experiences with getting hurt, First Aid/ Life Guard certification, and my constantly hurt family/friends/other, I don’t know anything. This is just to help you get through the night.


I thought this would look better colored too


Version 2 of this ovo



just as sane as she is


okay so when I was little I had the hugest crush on Cedric, and I think he looks absolutely gorgeous in his dress robes


one last Cedric doodle before bed

I may reblog too much James Potter stuff. Even when it’s not in the HP fandom, I always type “james potter” in the tags first.

…nah. There’s never too much James Potter stuff in this world.


*kneels* Cedric/Cho fluff, pretty pretty please? (I simply love your art, and I’d love to see the two of them drawn by you)
That one time Cedric took Cho to Madam Puddifoot’s, he got confetti in his hair and Cho got a lot in her tea. But on the whole it was a wonderful date. uvu


I was just reading about how werewolf attacks leave scars that never heal, and then I immediately felt like drawing Lupin. I mean besides Greyback, he bit and scratched himself too. Going back to Hogwarts as a teacher might have made him remember all those lonely years in the Shrieking Shack before James and the others became Animagi.


The art block is strong this week so I drew a quick Fremione. Ahhh it feels like ages since I last drew them actually ;v; sorryyy

He actually has to stoop to be almost the same height as her so I can only imagine how cute their hand-holding must be